About  Faculty Members

About Faculty Members

Teachers at NIS bring diverse teaching experiences from some of the finest learning institutions  What brings them together at NIS is their deep commitment to children and their pursuit of excellence as educators.

NIS Teachers are :

  • Experts in their Field
  • Passionate Educators
  • Responsive Instructors
  • Master Collaborators
  • Avid Researchers

NIS faculty are invested professionals who care deeply about children and the field of education. NIS teachers understand that each child learns differently and that teaching methods, curricula and approach need to be responsive to these differences. Teachers are committed to dedicate ample time to studying the process of the way each child learns in order to design and individualized plan to help students meet and exceed their goals.

Teachers at NIS will work to create learning communities in the classroom and the broader community. They are experts at cultivating an environment in which students take risks, work hard and celebrate the learning process. With students and their families, NIS teachers will listen carefully, ask thoughtful questions and effectively communicate.

Teachers at NIS are commited to model a passion for learning, excitement for subject matter and creativity in thinking. Teachers work in collaborative teams to share expertise, pool resources and plant innovative programs. Because of NIS commitment to best practices and professional learning, working within this collaborative model will allow teachers greater access to new research and teaching methods, which they can then incorporate into curricula and their own teaching styles. NIS teachers will always be avid participants in our learning community, consistently honing and refining their art as educators. The result of this engagement is a palpable energy that will infuse the school and promote a school-wide passion for learning. In the NIS community, teachers act as mentors when sharning areas of expertise and in turn continually seek out the knowledge of others to promote their own learning. Reflecting on and re-examining methods, programs and philosophy, will be a hallmark of NIS dynamic teaching community.