Circular For Uniform Change

Circular For Uniform Change


Dear Parents, greetings!

The school has decided to change the school uniform .The change shall be introduced from 1st April 2019.The change is being introduced to improve the current standard uniform being worn by students in the school.

It is the duty of the school to ensure our students are dressed appropriately and with dignity at all times. There are students taking too wide an interpretation of what constitutes acceptable school trousers, school skirts, shoes, socksetc. Itis, therefore, one of our aims to eliminate the ambiguity, and we believe that parents will appreciate clarity over what constitutes correct uniform.

Why are we changing our uniform?

Ø  Most students haven’t changed their uniform even when they have outgrown the size.

Ø  To strengthen our identity at Nalanda International School where our uniform reflects our high expectations for all.

Ø  To respond to concerns raised by parents regarding the ‘smartness ‘and ‘quality ‘of our uniform.

The changes we are bringing will ensure that our students look smarter, and will ensure that valuable staff time is not spent dealing with uniform related issues. There will be further communication over the coming weeks, but it is important that we keep you informed throughout the transition period.

Summer Uniform for Girls:

Class                             Uniform

·         Pre Nur-V                     Reddish pink shirt (with black checkered collars)

·         Pre-II                            Black checkered wrap skirt

·         III-VIII                         Black checkered high waisted skirt 

·         IX-XII                          Off-white kurti with small checkered jacket .Black trousers (Raymond)

·         It is mandatory for girls to wear cycling shorts (class Pre-Nur to VIII) That would be considered part of the school uniform and shall be provided by the uniform vendor.

Summer Uniform for Boys:

·         Pre Nur -V                    Reddish pink shirt with black checkered shorts.

·         VI-XII                          Off white shirt (half –sleeves) with black checkered collars and Black trousers (Raymond fabric)

·         Socks –Black and Red with white stripes.

·         Belt-black, red and white combination with a metallic buckle.

Socks and Belt will be the same for both girls and boys.

Shoes-Pre Nur to V- Black Velcro shoes (Liberty)

VI-XII- Black Leather shoes. (Liberty)

House uniform (colors for houses)                              Girls and Boys (Pre Nur to XII)

Abhisar-Blue                                      * House colouredTee-shirts with grey half sleeves.

Tarang -Green                                    *Grey lower

Sopan-Yellow                                    * House uniform socks.

Kshitij-Red                                         * White canvas shoes.

The school will inform parents when the uniform shall be made available to them. I hope the advance notice of this new requirement will enable you to plan your uniform purchase for the new academic year. Thank you in advance for your co-operation in this matter and for your support for the standards we wish to uphold as a school.