Multiple Intelligence

Multiple Intelligence

 Our Motto “Where excellence is a habit” explains all that we are committed to do at N.I.S. We believe in bringing excellence is whatever we do at N.I.S. Excellence for us doesn’t mean to be at the top at every cost every moment; rather it is our commitment to persist through the ups and downs associated with becoming the best and maintaining our best performance. This is possible only on engaging ourselves in on going high quality preparation and committing ourselves to give our best for the entire performances.

As far as learning of young minds at N.I.S. is concerned, we believe that Human Intellectual Competencies are broadly divided into eight intelligences. As such, the curriculum at N.I.S. has been specifically designed to enable each and every student to hone his or her respective intelligence instead of any urgency to cram and score high marks:

  • Word Smart : Such young minds are taken the best care by giving them practices and exposure to reading, hearing and seeing words, speaking, writing, discussing & debating and maximum exposure to the language lab.
  • Logic Smart: The best care for such young learners is taken care by giving practices in working with patterns and relationships, classifying, categorizing and working with the abstracts in Math and Science labs as well as in daily life.
  • Picture Smart : Such young minds are given the best exposure of development through smart classes, photographs and in Art Room, through mental imagery and the ability to think and express visually and creatively.
  • Body Smart : These young minds are given the best learning through touching, moving or bodily sensations in dance, drama, sports and athletics.
  • Music Smart: Such minds are sharpened and made self dependent through rhythm melody, singing listening to music and melodies.
  • People Smart: These minds learn the best through sharing, comparing, relating, interviewing and cooperating for responding appropriately to the moods and desires of others.
  • Self-Smart : Such young minds learn the best by reflecting their thoughts and actions in time with their inner feelings, values, beliefs and thinking processes.
  • Nature Smart : These minds find food for themselves by working in nature, exploring things, learning about plants and natural events through eco-friendly environment.

In continuation of the same understanding, we at N.I.S. believe that there can be best alternatives to home work also. Because, the time available to the students at home, specially at the primary level, can be meaning fully used for developing the skills of an all-rounder. We seek parent’s co-operation in this regard as they need to help their respective wards in performing the scientifically designed activities by us which will develop some skill in their respective ward.