OVER NIGHT CAMP AT NIS:  Nalanda International School  organized a night camp for the students of  Nursery to class 2nd on 1st October 2019. The children not only had their fellow mates but the twinkling stars, clear skies, cool breeze as their company. The students enjoyed their bit of independence and the time away from home as they were kept gainfully engaged with a variety of fun-filled and supervised adventurous activities. Musical chairs, cultural show, talent hunt show, swimming, fun races, gazing stars and other immersive activities  saw all the cherubs  participate with cheerful enthusiasm. Laughter and giggles echoed through the auditorium of the school as students enjoyed sharing jokes and riddles with their class teachers.

The Principal, Mr. Krishan Malik added warmth to the cool evening not only by lighting  the bonfire but also by his loving and gracious presence. He mingled freely with all the students.

The highlight of the evening was star gazing and foot tapping music played by our music teacher Mr. Ashwini and Mr. Neeraj our science teacher. The students danced and swayed to the lively beats till late evening.

The scrumptious meals and lip smaching snacks provided at regular   intervals were thoroughly relished by the students. The camp concluded on the morning of 2nd October with a refreshing breakfast. It was a memorable experience for the kids and an event to cherish forever !